the Knights of The Zodiac ashore on the 19th July on Netflix. The news had to excite all fans of the cult manga of the 1980s. But since the release of the trailer, the dream turned into a nightmare. This adaptation of the protectors of Athena is violently criticized by fans on social networks.

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the giant of The streaming and Toei animation, who worked on Dragon Ball Super – have collaborated to produce this series. The main objective: make the new adventures of Knights of the Zodiac more accessible to the younger generation. The animation mythical 1980s has disappeared, giving place to images of synthesis global aesthetics is very questionable. Always in a spirit of modernism, the story of Seiya and his companions seems to take place mainly in our time. Tanks, skate, skyscrapers and américanisations of any kind will therefore be of the party.

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A disputed project from the first images

This is not the first visual that offers us Netflix. Last December, a trailer had already sparked controversy. The character of Shun (knight of bronze Andromeda), a boy, androgynous in the original series, has been transformed into a girl in the new adaptation. A decision so challenged by fans that the director (Yoshiharu Ashino) had to explain this choice. “I’m the one responsible for this decision. When we started working on this new series, we wanted to make some changes. Thirty years after its creation, the history of Saint Seiya has not aged. But an element of the series did not suit me: Seiya and the other Knights of the Bronze are all men.”

The calamity of the film Dragon Ball Evolution and the huge disappointment of the adaptation of Death Note in live action (the streaming platform) are still in the minds and Netflix does not seem to have learned the lessons of those failures, artistic.