It defines the discipline as the “playback instrumental”. As in every year since 1996, the city of Oulu in Finland organises the world championships of Air guitar. The event takes place this Friday 23 August. In total, eleven countries will be represented by their champion’s respective. This year, France has appointed Vincent Roussel, alias Lord Scrat, sacred best air guitarist in the championships of France, Saturday, August 3, at Mirande (Gers).

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If the Breton of 27 years will be taking part for the third time at the world championships, this is the first time that it embodies the colors of France. “The first two years, I have been selected during qualifying at the last minute, also known as “Dark Horses”, he says. This Thursday, on the eve of competition, the other five participants among 30 candidates will be nominated during these “Dark Horses”.

“More than an imitation, it is a tribute to guitarists, and a full art”, writes Lord Scrat. The championships, the candidates are judged on “their technique and their stage performance”. Because if it is not mandatory to know how to play the guitar, a few basics are necessary. Like a mime, the”airtiste” should make forget the viewers that the instrument does not exist. “The public needs to view the guitar. This is not in agreement near of course, but it is necessary to control the rhythm and to know, for example, that the notes are at the bottom of the sleeve”, illustrates the artist.

in Addition to the technical, “he must embody in his character”. Vincent Roussel has chosen the contrast. Lord Scrat is a “mixture of medieval and glitter”. His nickname, “Scrat”, he holds the nickname adopted by his friends, in reference to the squirrel wacky animation film ice Age . “I wanted to complete my stage name with something more serious. I have chosen Lord. I love this image of a knight crazy, covered in glitter”.

choreography millimétrée

The cultural facilitator is fallen in the pot of the Air guitar by chance. “I have participated in the festival Art Rock Saint-Brieuc, which organized a competition. I was 17 years old”. After winning the contest, the Breton came 4th in the championships of France. Ten years later, his passion is intact.

But to get there, it is not enough to practice in front of a bathroom mirror, the volume pushed to the max. The air guitarist must first prepare a piece of 60 seconds, often a medley. The performance is a choreography millimétrée. “We prepare almost all of our movements,” says Lord Scrat that will, however, to allow a part of improvisation in each performance. To make his costume, the Briochin has sewn a cloak, made a crown in the metal and created a chainmail from 2500 capsules of cans. The result of several months of work.

This Friday, after a first passage, the best air guitarists will be noted from 4.0 to 6.0 and selected for the second and final round. A single piece chosen in advance by the jury will decide. For real this time, an electric guitar will reward the winner. “It is largely symbolic. We do not come here to win something” says Lord Scrat who over the years has made many friends.

And if it had a virtue in a philosophical one? “The most important aspect of this art is the promotion of peace in the world”, would like to remind Vincent Roussel. Not to forget, he even tattooed the slogan of the Air guitar: “Make air, not war”.

At the end of the month of September, the Briochin plans to fly to New Zealand. There, he hopes to develop championships of Air Guitar.

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