At the head of the procession, which traversed the streets of Saint-Céré, a town in the Lot region located not far from the village of Tauriac, where the Vayrac family lived, her friends from the nursing school in Brive wore a T- shirt asking for “Justice for Justine”.

“We are here to pay tribute to her. For her. She was not alone,” said one of them, Laura Muller, 26.

“This march is symbolic. It leaves a bruised family. Friends, a little boy. People who loved him. We owe him this honor, this tribute”, confides another friend of the Institute. training of caregivers and organizer of the mobilization, who wishes to remain anonymous.

In the silence, about 600 people were gathered in Saint-Céré. The death of this mother of a two-year-old boy has caused a great stir in the region.

Candles and white roses were placed in front of a portrait of Justine Vayrac, at the foot of a tree, in a public garden in the town.

“We have a daughter of the same age. We came to support the family. It could have been our daughter”, confides, moved, Isabelle Montmont, 54, native of Tauriac, the village where Justine Vayrac lived, accompanied from her husband.

Justine Vayrac was found dead after having disappeared at the end of October at the exit of a nightclub in Brive where she spent the evening with friends. She was buried privately on Friday in Tauriac.

According to the relatives who accompanied her that night, she felt ill during the evening and decided to go to sleep in her car. Accompanied by a friend, she would then have met an “acquaintance” and would have stayed with him.

The man, a 21-year-old farmer from a village near Brive, confessed at the end of his police custody “to having killed the victim when they were both at his home and had just come from ‘having consensual sex,’ the prosecution said.

Indicted for rape, kidnapping and murder, the young man was imprisoned. The autopsy of the victim’s body revealed that she had been strangled to death and analyzes are underway to determine if she was drugged.