from a height of 50 metres, the belfry dominates Bethune, proudly on the Grand Place of the town in the Pas-de-Calais. This witness of medieval history, has been selected by the lottery heritage 2019. It is part of the 18 monuments the so-called iconic, which will be a priority in the funding provided by a special drawing of the lottery, the 14 July, and by the game ticket scratch-off on sale from September.

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In the vast plains of the north, in France and in Belgium, the construction of a belfry in the Middle Ages was common. To such a point that a list of the 56 landmarks identified in the two countries has been included in the Unesco world heritage site.

An extensive renovation to 1.3 million euros

The first stone of one of Béthune was laid in 1388. The building measures 33 metres ; it is topped by a campanile of 17 metres. Lookouts there, watched the arrival of the troops …

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