in The middle of a lavender field, under the sun of Luberon proudly stands the abbey of Notre-Dame de Sénanque. Nestled in the heart of a valley vauclusien, in Gordes, this jewel of the romanesque art was founded on the 9th of the kalends of July, 1148 (23 June) by cistercian monks from Mazan in the Ardèche. Scope by the aura of a saint Bernard, it was the fourth church of the monastic order to be built in the region, after The Thoronet, Aiguebelle and Silvacane.

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Symbol of the roots of the cistercian order in Provence, the abbey was occupied by some sixty monks at its peak. In the Thirteenth and Fourteenth centuries, it acquired considerable power, to the point of owning four mills, seven granges, a hospital, a farm and a hospice. Today, this building is in the narrow valley of the Sénancole (a kilometer long and 300 meters wide), which is inhabited by a half-dozen monks, the threat of collapse. This is why it has …

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