It is at the origin of a legend is mysterious, and was the scene of massacres and bloody. The castle of the Étenduère and its ruins have been selected by the Lottery heritage 2019. They are part of the 18 monuments the so-called iconic, which will be a priority in the funding provided by a special drawing of the lottery, the 14 July, and by the game ticket scratch-off on sale from September.

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Located in the south-west of the Seagrass beds, the castle was built and fortified with gunboats, drawbridge and battlements in 1622. It replaces a single dwelling, dated 1375, which had been enlarged in the hotel noble in the Fifteenth century.

The legend of the Lady in The platform and two arches of the bridge access is also retained. Figaro Live

Seagrass-Étenduère, family of medium nobility engaged in the royal navy, are at the origin of a legend that marked the region. A young lord was courting a young girl of the castle, without success. Furious, he asked …

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