The fort de Brescou and its 5 000 square meters are erected in half a thousand sailors off the coast of Cap d’agde. This former haunt of pirates is part of the 18 monuments the so-called iconic, which will be a priority in the funding provided by a special drawing of the lottery, the 14 July, and by the game ticket, the scratch of the mission Bern, on sale from September.

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“there was a certain Gaspard Dot, who was called Barberoussette which had its base on the islet of Brescou. He had built a small wooden fort and it rançonnait all the ships that came to Aigues-Mortes and Marseilles, in the direction of Spain”, says Jean-Louis Guggisberg, president of the Friends of the fort of Brescou, in an interview with France Bleu Herault. This monument built on the submerged part of the volcano, in 1586 by the Viscount of Joyeuse can accommodate a garrison of 60 men. It is …

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