For forty years, the wheels have stopped spinning. The remains of the mills of the Fountain, in thethoré river-la-Rochette, in the Loir-et-Cher, are in a pitiful state. Witnesses of an industry old of four centuries, the two water mills that comprise the whole have been selected by the Lottery heritage 2019. They are part of the 18 monuments the so-called iconic, which will be a priority in the funding provided by a special drawing of the lottery, the 14 July, and by the game ticket scratch-off on sale from September.

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Planted in an idyllic valley in the Vendômois, on the road of Saint-Jacques-of-Compostelle, the two mills of the Fountain dating back to the Seventeenth and of the Nineteenth century. Fed by a river and a nearby spring, they have been used to grind cereal grains to produce flour until the late 1970s. At this time, the business has been discontinued and the large building of the Nineteenth century, …

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