a Witness of the history of religious architecture in normandy, the abbey of Sainte-Marie has been selected as one of 103 monuments to be withheld in addition to the 18 flagship projects to restore. Located on the road from Bayeux, this beautiful church of the Twelfth century was founded in 1168.

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The château de By, Thomery, Seine-et-Marne, is more known as the Castle of Rosa Bonheur. This artist, painter of animals French of the Nineteenth century has made this place his workshop, but also a place of passage for all artists of the time.

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Testimony of the heritage of French railway, the viaduct of Fades is inaugurated in 1909 and closed in 2007. With its 132,5 meters of height, it was the highest bridge in the world at the time of its inauguration. A historical reference in a work item

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a Jewel of romanesque art, the abbey of Sénanque is located in the Vaucluse, and is currently occupied by six monks who meet the rule of Saint Benedict. 200,000 people come each year to visit this building, of which the abbey church threat yet to collapse.

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Former hangout of the pirate Barberoussette, it becomes between the Fifteenth and Eighteenth centuries, a military port then a prison. The fort of Brescou and its 5000 square metres of housing to half a nautical mile off the coast of Cap d’agde.

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The gallo-roman amphitheater of Saintes, built in 40 a.d. under the reign of the emperor claudius, is one of the great testimonies of the roman culture in the region of Aquitaine.

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The water mills of the Seventeenth and Nineteenth century are located at thethoré river-la-Rochette, in an idyllic, picturesque valley of the Loir-et-Cher. Witnesses of an industry old of four centuries, the wheels have stopped spinning for forty years.

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from a height of 50 metres, the beffroi de Béthune dominates the Grand-Place of the town in the Pas-de-Calais. Built in 1346, it symbolizes the history of medieval, as all the belfries built at this time.

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But why have you chosen these ruins? It is actually a renaissance castle, which has suffered after the war of the Vendee, and who is found abandoned for nearly 200 years. The association Passion heritage has a project to transform these ruins into a real tourist place.

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