After the success of the operation 2018 – $ 12 million tickets scratch cards sold in four months, 2.5 million players during the special draw on the 14th of September, nearly 21 million harvested – the government is preparing to launch, on 11 march, a second wave of games of chance for the benefit of the restoration of monuments. Although expected, the announcement is nothing less than a signal. Like England, the games of chance are becoming a source of regular funding to churches, castles, bridges and old industrial sites, of which some 500,000 are in danger.

there are still a few details to settle, hell residing precisely in the details, it seems that two scratch games will be offered this year by The French games. They will both be cheaper than the game Mission heritage, sold at 15 euros a piece. A special drawing of the lottery will also be organised, probably on the 14th of July – even if this date is not confirmed. It is in any case not possible …

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