there was a moment of joy, yesterday, at the castle of Vaux, in the Dawn. The young Édouard Guyot, the owner of the castle, could barely conceal his satisfaction. For four years now, it spends a considerable amount of energy to make a living for his house, purchased through a loan. In four years, he has managed to rehabilitate the dependencies, and to transform them into holiday cottages (one hundred beds). A barn of 300 square meters allows to arrange now weddings. Through animation, including a day around hunting and nature, some 25 000 visitors came to Vaux last year. Today, its goal is to restore the castle, the work of the architect Germain Boffrand. Classified, it is in a sorry state, with the exception of a few rooms on the ground floor, in which Edward lives. “The lotto is going to give us a real boost”, says he. The restoration of roofs, as well as those of the statues, should be a bill of about € 600,000. One imagines, therefore, that …

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