When you walk in the room “black” of the theatre, we discover the two high stools and reading stands, which were waiting for the performers: it will be a reading. But very neat, very finely interpreted and staged with a rigor without rigidity.

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In his beautiful dress of black velvet – by far, this is what we think we see – the delicate Ariane Ascaride, that there has been so much applauded in the diptych of Simon Abkarian at the Théâtre du Soleil, in the beginning of the season, is dressed as a concert pianist, with this beautiful around it, this pin, which throws fire… And there’s something of a recital of virtuoso in this duo of a very nice balance, and if Didier Bezace is not dressed in a tuxedo, he wears a white shirt and tie. He also is on the side of the music.

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It’s about love, passion, more exactly, therefore, of contradictions and even injustices, suspicions. Two strong personalities, two writers. Louis Aragon, Elsa Triolet. It is through the texts of the author of Aurelian as one enters this fake dialog. The micros call the whisper. The intensities vary. The two actors remain on the strict line of a way of saying and read pure, clear. Without excess of pathos. With mind and heart. A sober and very beautiful moment.

there will be the youth of love

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