An international cast. The French actor Louis Garrel, but also the German actor Christoph Waltz and the American Gina Gershon are showing of the new romantic comedy that Woody Allen will shoot starting on July 10, in the Spanish basque Country, announced on Tuesday that the production company Mediapro.

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The new film by the filmmaker of 83 years “tells the story of an american couple going to the film festival of San Sebastian. The couple falls head over high heels to the festival, as well as the beauty and charm of Spain, as well as the fantasy of the world of cinema,” says Mediapro in a press release. “She committed an affair with a brilliant French film-maker and he falls in love with a beautiful Spanish living in the city,” says Mediapro.

The shooting is planned until the end of August in San Sebastian, a seaside city that hosts every year a festival of Spanish cinema. The actors of the iberian Elena Anaya and Sergi Lopez round out the team of actors.

Hymn to the big cities of europe

With this new film, Woody Allen continues her anthem film for big european cities, particularly well illustrated by Vicky Cristina Barcelona in 2008, Midnight in Paris in 2011, not to mention other movies filmed in Rome or London. It will be the fourth Woody Allen film produced by Mediapro.

The announcement comes as the latest film, A Rainy Day in New York , still has no release date american. Under the fire of charges of sexual assault, particularly on the part of his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow, Woody Allen is shunned by distributors, and publishers.