“We didn’t have much doubt about the outcome of this procedure, but it’s still a relief to see that the good faith of Mr. Besson is recognized.” It was during his leave on Monday in the early afternoon, as Thierry Marembert, a lawyer for the producer, has been informed of the decision of the public prosecutor of Paris to classify without continuation of the investigation on the charges of rape brought by the actress Sand Van Roy. According to his lawyer, who was contacted by telephone to inform them, “Luc Besson is very happy, very relieved to see that this case is now complete.”

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Accused of rape, what Luc Besson told the police during his first audition – Look on Figaro Live

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“This has been a long one, especially for Luc Besson who saw his honor put in question, but the decision is indisputable”

Thierry Marembert, lawyer Luc Besson

Thierry Marembert said that he was not “surprised” by the classification without continuation of the case. “I attended the hearing of Mr Besson by the investigators, to the confrontation with the complainant. I’m not surprised by this decision, and I applaud the work of investigators who are thoroughly came to this conclusion. It has been a long, particularly for Luc Besson who saw his honor put in question, but the decision is unquestionable”, he explains in Figaro.

according to his lawyer, Luc Besson would not have the intention – at least for now – to complain, in return, against Sand Van Roy. “Everyone knows that Luc Besson is a very busy man. Today, it occupies a lot of its studios and its movies. I think that this case has caused a lot of suffering to many of the world and we think that it’s enough like this.”

” READ ALSO – Accused of rape, what Luc Besson told the police during his first audition

Heard for the first time on October 2, Luc Besson had been facing she had been facing before the investigators of the Brigade of repression of crime against the person the opportunity of a hearing which had lasted more than four hours.

Since may 18, 2018, the French producer was targeted by the accusations of the actress 30 years, who had complained the day after an appointment with him in a parisian palace. The director had immediately denounced the “charges ” crackpots”. The actress had told the investigators maintain an intimate relationship with the filmmaker, 59-year-old for about two years and have felt obliged on account of their professional relations, according to a source close to the investigation, and the testimony of the complainant in the media.

In July, the young woman had filed a second complaint for rape involving acts committed prior to a period of approximately two years, according to a source close to the folder. In total, she identified four rapes, according to her lawyer.

other investigations

In the aftermath, the prosecutor’s office confirmed Monday evening that a further inquiry had been entrusted to the February 21 at the Directorate of judicial police (DPJ) on facts of sexual assault in the wake of another report against Luc Besson “received last week”. The terms of the report, which focuses on alleged facts which occurred in 2002 – prescribed -, are the subject of audits, said the prosecutor.

A report revealed last Friday by Mediapart , which published the letter of an alleged victim, an actress, to the prosecutor of the Republic of Paris. During an appointment with the director at Paris, to discuss a film project. The alleged victim claims that the filmmaker was “suddenly thrown at her,” and she managed to escape.