Luc Besson is engaged on the first thirty years of his life. It is the promise of his autobiography, 450 pages, entitled enfant terrible , which will be released on October 3 in Xo edition, according to The Point . Frankly, the filmmaker speaks of a youth that made great loneliness and emotional misery.

“The loneliness is terrible for a child, it is a dangerous prison. If he does not feel accepted in this world, he creates another and will, at the risk of never coming back. My world to me was made up of a moray eel, an octopus and a pebble,” says the director in a funny picture in the water.

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Cover of the autobiography of Luc Besson Screenshot Xo edition

The book is not only on the trauma, the psychic of the young Besson, he also tells of his meeting with the musician and composer Eric Serra and Jean Reno, as well as his passion for the cinema and the ocean. Two worlds celebrated in the film that it was revealed in 1988, The Big Blue . The book concludes, moreover, in the aftermath of this output.

Of her youth in the Big Blue

The producer will not evoke not, therefore, its rise as a global power with films like Nikita , Taxi , The Fifth element . Nor the heavy financial problems for his production company Europa Corp, and the accusations of rape to which he has recently faced. Episodes inglorious that may be at the heart of a sequel or even a trilogy. If he has decided to tell its truths, one sees poorly how the filmmaker could work around his torments.

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The filmmaker is going through a bad period personally and professionally. The failure critical and financial of his last film Anna , was forced to surrender his company Europa Corp to its creditor, american. The charges of rape of which he is the subject have also brought shame to the tycoon of French cinema. An enfant terrible became persona non grata in this Hollywood that the frenchie had knew so well how to conquer.