there is something of the Rodrigue from Corneille in him. This passion, effervescent, this hope vain to take the time to speed. This talent, which reverses also. Especially. “To souls well born, the value is the number of years.” The maxim applies perfectly to Ludovic Baron. Ambitious, but charming. To struggle tirelessly against doubt, driven by a desire that leads to all possible. At age 16, he directed his first film. Soon left his Northern natal to integrate a school in the parisian cinema. Hate the teaching. “At the end of three months, I dropped the course. But I made flyers saying to the students: “Come on, we’re going to make movies!” I have set up as it’s my first team…”

His limitless imagination, his creative ideas, his ability to lead are quickly pointed out. At the age of 21, he received the best director Award young hope for his short film, Perfect . “I then stopped the small …

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