Lukashenka commented on the detention of

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko called an emergency detention in Belarus of citizens of the Russian Federation, which is referred to the PMC “Wagner”.

As reported by “BelTA”, in connection with the incident, the head of state has summoned an emergency meeting with members of the security Council in the Palace of Independence.

At the meeting, Lukashenko ordered to go immediately to the relevant authorities of the Russian Federation to explain the situation with the detainees.

“I look at the reaction of the Russians. They are already apologizing, saying that we were brought here. Clearly, it is necessary to justify their dirty intentions. So I would ask that in this situation, and this fact was all very frankly and honestly”, he said.

At the same time Lukashenko noted that Belarus has no purpose “to discredit a close country”, and urged the Russian media and Telegram-channels “do not drive a Blizzard.”

we Remind that the Belarusian media reported about the detention in Minsk “32 militants, foreign private military company Wagner” who allegedly planned to destabilize the situation in the country.