Lukashenka: We will not allow to rehabilitate Nazism

Belarus and Russia are United in the desire to defend the truth about winning. The President of Belorussia Alexander Lukashenko said at the opening ceremony of the memorial to Soviet soldiers near Rzhev.

“the Opening of this memorial, celebration in the Russian capital, the rally-Requiem in the Brest fortress, the may 9 parade in Minsk again demonstrates that it is our common victory, honor and glory that we will continue to keep Holy,” — said Lukashenko.

According to him, the memorial will always be a symbol of unbreakable friendship between Russia and Belarus.

“We will not allow to belittle the importance of the great Victory, to distort the truth about the events of that time and to rehabilitate Nazism,” — said the Belarusian leader.

the Presidents of Russia and Belarus today opened a memorial to Soviet soldiers near Rzhev. It was assumed that after this ceremony between the two leaders could exchange views on issues of bilateral relations.

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