Lukashenko about the arrest of his rival in the elections: Clipped wings thief

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko urged not to succumb to the tricks of “charlatans” and said that since independence, the government was able to “clip the wings” of the thieves, so that the country was not “on his knees”.

“If we these thieves over the years of its independence, the wings are not clipped, we have now built the oligarchic state would have stood on his knees,” — said Lukashenko, according to the website of the President of Belarus.

the head of the Republic assured that he will not allow the power to solve problems that should be solved on the basis of the law.

Lukashenko urged not to pay attention to what “we sing along”. “Don’t get trapped three or four of some charlatans. They will use everything,” he called.

“Relax in any case impossible. I warned you two or three months ago that this so-called pandemic this will not end. Someone is very hands on. Will soon see who. Although I now see it. Will serious pressure, primarily economic. Because the war with us is dangerous, and tilt is necessary. Too independent steel…” Lukashenka said.

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