Lukashenko accused Russia in the transfer of 200 mercenaries

the Belarusian Head of state Alexander Lukashenko after the controversial detention of 33 Russians, which Minsk has tied up with a private military company (PMC) Wagner, said that his country wanted to throw almost an order of magnitude more mercenaries. About this President said during the meeting with the heads of the state security Committee (KGB) and the Investigative Committee (IC) Valery Vakulchik and Ivan Noticem.

“well Done, found out that this is the first group. I understand that this is only the first group of 180 or 200 people, which was planned to be transported to Belarus. And then, when I say this (I read the report), it is accurate today,” — said Lukashenko.

the head of the Republic noted that he did not believe the statements from Moscow that the transfer was agreed. “And there is an attempt now to hide the “tail” in Russia and is almost with us, they agreed upon the arrival of this group, this is nonsense”, — quotes BelTA.

Noskiewicz has reported that 33 suspected member of the PMC has been sent into custody. He told us about Minsk there were suspicions against the Russians.

According to head SK, the group moved to Belarus in the evening of 24 July, allegedly transit — gathering in the morning to hop on a plane to Istanbul (Turkey). “However, having enough online time to check in for your flight and, consequently, the departure from the country, the entire group marched past the airport and checked into the hotel IBB in Minsk,” — said the security official.

Lukashenko in turn said that “big brother”, claimed that 33 Russians went to Istanbul, now “quiet”. The detention took place before the presidential elections in Belarus, scheduled for August 9, and Lukashenko believes that it is necessary “to deal with those who they (the citizens of the Russian Federation — “Rosbalt”) here has sent.”

He urged gently handle the detainees: “They are certainly guilty, but not enough against them to take some tough measures.” According to Lukashenko, this group consists of “soldiers” who “ordered — they went”.

According to the Belarus detained “militants” allegedly wanted to “destabilize the situation” before the election, in which Lukashenko is involved.