Lukashenko blamed for meddling in the election for

the Head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko ahead of the presidential elections once again lashed out at their rivals. The politician believes that to help a number of candidates are Russia and Poland, BelTA reports.

“Apply the most modern phony technology, is the intervention from abroad in our elections, internal Affairs”, — said the President, noting that to make demands of fair elections, the opposition themselves are dishonest.

“are They pushed to such dishonesty, how they behave? — outraged Lukashenko. — Okay, what’s behind them are puppeteers. They the one and the other. And live in Poland, and Russia throw”.

He announced that “in the near future at a meeting to talk about it” with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “But this situation is very complicated”, — stated the Belarusian leader.

He complained of a “terrible fakes” distributed on the Internet “structures “babichevskaya”, “nazarani” from Russia” for its denigration. “Today I was told (although it was long ago, no one was told) that one of my sons in Switzerland $840 million,” — gave an example of compromising Lukashenka, suggesting his ill-wishers “to send (in Switzerland) through diplomatic channels a letter: who wants to take the money, he will get taken away.”

the President noted that little peaceful Belarus it is difficult to resist to this stream of false information “to threaten someone in this regard,” she “is not a nuclear power”. “We can’t take a nuclear warhead, waving and shouting, or talking about hypersonic weapons that we respond”, — said the President.

Lukashenko yesterday visited the Victory day parade in Moscow, thus in mass media there was information that he, as soon as the parade ended, supposedly from also flew to Minsk. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied it.

Later, he answered the words of Lukashenko about “interference”. “Here it is possible to answer unequivocally that the Russian Federation had not stepped in to intervene and meddle in anyone’s electoral processes, especially who are our allies — Belarus”, — quotes the press Secretary of the Russian President, “Interfax — West.

the Election of the President of Belarus will be held on 9 August. Lukashenko has been in power in the Republic since 1994.

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