Lukashenko: Criticize trump for lack of democracy or Russia try to drive

Belarus has been criticized for the violation of democracy because of its Western neighbours in assessing the situation in the Republic there are double standards, and because they are “afraid” to comment USA or Russia. The President Alexander Lukashenko said during a trip to Vitebsk region.

He also recalled how severely the police acted during the demonstrations of the “yellow jackets” in France and the ongoing unrest in the United States. “You see what is happening there. There is no tear gas, no doubt. Criticize trump, the US for lack of democracy. Russia try to drive. Afraid. And so they probably decided again to practice on Belarus. Will not work,” — quoted Lukashenko’s press service.

the President invited “tomorrow to come” those who want to observe the forthcoming August 9 election. “But we have to point the finger, how to live, don’t. We know how to live. In their need to understand. There problems the most,” — said Lukashenko.

Earlier, the Director of the OSCE Office for democratic institutions and human rights (ODIHR) reported that the observers of the organization will arrive in Belarus on elections as not received invitations.

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