Lukashenko flies to Moscow

the Leader of Belarus flew to Moscow on a working visit. He plans to take part in the Victory parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the great Patriotic war.

the Plane Lukashenko has left the airport in Minsk. With him in Moscow, headed by his sons, reports Reuters.

the Event will take place on 24 June in Moscow.

Earlier, the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that he would refuse the invitation to the parade on red square to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Soviet victory in the war. He added that it was not invited.

Recall that in 2020 Russia will hold a ceremony in Moscow on 24 June, not may 9 — migration due to the pandemic COVID-19. The founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny calculated that a Victory parade in the capital of Russia will cost the budget of almost 1 billion rubles.

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