Lukashenko has refused to act democratically,

If the act is democratic, we can lose the country. This was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, commenting on the recent events in Minsk and other cities, including protests and the arrest of his rival in the presidential race.

“don’t put me before a choice. If I behave democratically, will show that I little white and fluffy, I have a chance to lose the country altogether. And then I’ll be damned for the past year. No I and all of us will not forgive the destruction of Belarus”, — said Lukashenko at the meeting, the broadcast led TV channel “Belarus 1”.

He also complained that his “pushing for a military resolution of the situation.” Lukashenko warned that he will not allow anyone to “break the independent country”, which put “all his life”. People who “want to change the situation in the country”, he called “misguided.” According to Lukashenko, they do not understand that they are used.

we will Remind, elections of the President of Belarus must go on 9 August. The election campaign was accompanied by scandals. In Minsk and other cities pass pickets in support of alternative candidates for the post of the President of Belarus. “To compete” in the elections with Lukashenka decided Victor Babariko that the level of electoral support ahead of Lukashenko. However, on 18 June it became known that Babariko arrested and became the defendant in the case of Belgazprombank, which he formerly headed.

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