Lukashenko ordered to rein in the media, which

the President of Belarus appealed to the leadership of his administration, government, Ministry of foreign Affairs, demanding to respond to “destructive” borne by the publication of some media during the election campaign.

“What kind of attitude to the country? BBC, “Freedom”, “Free Europe” and so on, these streams… I’m not talking about tendencies, but they call for mass riots. Why you say this? — quoted Lukashenko BelTA. — I can’t say what you can’t. There are other to do this.”

the Belarusian leader demanded to “remove” such publications from the country, “if they do not abide by our laws and called people to the Maidan”.

“Repeat won’t… well This is not the case — an insult for insult. Okay there I smeared it up and down. Already attacked innocent the chairmen of election commissions. And they have the same family, children”, — said Lukashenko.

the President told journalists to “go to field” and talk about “the hard workers who feed the nation”.

on the Eve of the Trustee of the presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovski Tatsyana Sevyarynets called on Alexander Lukashenko “to take your whole gang to sit on Golden “Boing” — and to hell”.

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