Lukashenko: Russians and Ukrainians envy Belarusians

the Citizens of Russia and Ukraine envy Belarusians, who live “in a safe and peaceful country.” This opinion was expressed by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said at the solemn meeting in honor of independence Day, his speech is available on the website of the President.

“We have avoided wars, live in safe, peaceful country where everyone who has a baby can go outside at any time of the day and be calm. We are jealous of people from other countries: our brothers-the Russians, the Ukrainians,” — said Lukashenko.

He also reminded about the upcoming Belarus presidential election, in which, according to him, citizens will decide the future of the country. “I have a lot of work and I am fed up with this presidential share,” — said Lukashenko, however, added that he decided to participate in the elections, but not because it holds the chair of President, “hanging in his bruised fingers,” and because his best years were given to the construction of the country.

the Recall elections in Belarus will be held on 9 August. “To compete” with the current leader of the country wanted the President Babariko, however, on 18 June it became known that he was detained in the “case of Belgazprombank” — this credit organization he previously led. The initiative group of another competitor Lukashenko, videoblogger Tikhanovski, refused to register. Was also arrested many of the parties held in cities across the country rallies in support of the opposition. According to the CEC, in the elections plan to participate Svetlana Tikhanovski, former MP Anna Konopacka, Chairman of the Belarusian social democratic party “Hramada” Sergey Caraceni and co-Chairman of public Association “Tell the truth” Andrey Dmitriev. Lukashenko himself has submitted documents to the election Commission on 2 July.

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