Lukashenko scared by quarantine at your expense rushing to the Canary Islands Belarusians

Belarusian citizens wishing to relax in the summer resorts abroad should remember that the planet can be a second wave of coronavirus. This warned the country’s leader Alexander Lukashenko.

“We have to keep will not. Want on the Black sea — please! The Mediterranean, the Aegean, the ocean, the Canary Islands, Bali, Goa, Thailand — please, go!” — admonished fellow head of state. He, however, urged vacationers to go slow and prefer to travel abroad stay at home.

According to Lukashenko, who returned from countries that the Ministry of health considers dangerous from the epidemiological point of view, have to go for 14 days in quarantine at your expense. Currently, this list of more than 100 countries.

In Belarus there are more than 66 thousand cases COVID-19 and 507 deaths. Country, unlike many other States, has not imposed a General quarantine and not close the company.

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