made by Alexander Lukashenko income Declaration as a presidential candidate also stated the income of his wife, Galina Rodionovna. She declared an income of 5560 rubles (pension and dividends from stocks), real estate and land in Shklov and the Shklov district, and 56 shares of OJSC “Shklovsky butter-making plant”, informs TUT.BY.

As repeatedly reported by the media, the couple Lukashenka does not live together long, however, as it turned out, formally, they continue to be spouses. They have two children and seven grandchildren. In addition, Lukashenka also has a younger son Nicholas, who will soon turn 16 years old.

Alexander Lukashenko pointed out that over the past year received as wages 117 068 Belarusian rubles, or approximately 9755 RUB. per month (about 287 thousand rubles). While real estate, stocks and shares in authorized funds of legal entities had, according to the Declaration, it does not.

“Irremovable” the head of state before he was registered as one of five candidates in presidents of Belarus. His main rivals — Victor Babariko and Valery Tsepkalo — the Central election Commission was refused, whereupon, according to many experts, the forthcoming August 9 elections become a formality.

the night Before, in several cities of Belarus police detained about 250 people protesting against the decision of the CEC. Today in Minsk, at the call of the headquarters of Babariko living with a son in prison, the citizens EN masse apply to the CEC with the requirement to register opposition candidates.

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