Lukashenko: the money of Russian oligarchs to power in Belarus are frostbitten radicals

the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has expressed the opinion that the initiative group collecting signatures in favor of various candidates applying for participation in the struggle for the presidency, using the “Belarusian carousel”.

“you look Smaller in instagram, or any telegram channels on these alleged long queues,” — quoted Lukashenko BelTA.

He said that in pictures taken with quadcopters, supposedly seen as sign then back up to the tail of the queue to get another signature. Lukashenko believes that some candidates do not mind the fact that such signature will be considered invalid.

“They understand that the Commission, when will see these signatures, it was noticed. And they immediately said: so you’re not going to participate in the elections, our main task is to destabilize the country and pave the way for someone… — said the President. And those who are currently funded by Russian oligarchs, clearly understood that the money of Russian oligarchs by the authorities are that this frostbite, the so-called radical opposition in Belarus”.

Yet in the presidential race involved 15 bidders. Last week was detained the activists supporting the opposition candidates, including popular blogger Sergei tikhanovski, who failed to register his initiative group.

One of the main rivals of the incumbent President Victor Babariko filed a complaint to the CEC on Alexander Lukashenko for his “hints” about the financing of the campaigns of some candidates from abroad.

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