Lukashenko warned that he and the KGB

the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko met with Chairman of state security Committee Valery Vakulchik, with whom he discussed the political situation in the Republic.

“Public safety is the cornerstone. And the state security Committee belongs, together with the President the leading role in the protection of the independence and sovereignty of our state,” — quoted Lukashenko BelTA.

At this the President noted that we are talking about issues of economic, food and military security Agency, which is now aggravated, “because of sharp political period”.

According to the Belarusian leader, “we are ready for any winds”, with whom he learned to fight. He noted that the objectives “are pursued then the individual wind turbines”, are absolutely clear. “The goal for us is clear: let us have a marketplace on the eve of elections or on the election day. So they had planned. Want at this meeting to warn you and all who will hear us, all these “resistance” want to warn you that the Maidan in Belarus,” — said the Belarusian leader.

Recall that at the present time in Belarus is the collection of signatures for presidential candidates. Over the weekend in different cities of the Republic marked a huge queue of people willing to support opponents of the incumbent. Not all these actions took place peacefully — with police detained several dozen people, some of which then released. 29 may in Hrodna detained the well-known blogger Sergei Tikhanovski, who heads the initiative group of his wife Svetlana.

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