Luke Skywalker would have happened on the dark side of the force? The continued adventures of the jedi has nothing to do with star wars. On Wednesday, police in Tennessee have issued a warrant for the arrest of a certain “Luke Sky Walker”, a young man of 22-year-old accused of stealing money.

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Mark Hamill, performer original of the hero of Star Wars was amused of the situation on the networks. “The sequel that nobody asked for and nobody wants to see”, he tweeted in posting an article about the facts.

A sequel, yes, because this is not a first for the actor, who had already reacted to the misconduct of that of which he has inspired the name. In December, the young offender had been arrested for violating his probation, due to the theft of 46 signs… “The real crime is that Mr. and Mrs. Walker gave the name to this poor guy”, had thus responds to Mark Hamill at the time.

A final tour of the ship and then goes

If the Luke of the Tennessee risk of ending up behind bars, one of the mythical saga of the intergalactic will be present in the next installment, The Ascent of Skywalker . Death-in Episode VIII, Mark Hamill, confirmed last month that her character would be back, probably in the form of a ghost of the force. It is hoped, however, to endorse its holding of a Jedi for the last time.