it was almost a year. Mac Miller succumbed to an overdose of opioids at the age of 26, leaving a great void in the musical landscape. A man from Los Angeles who is suspected of having supplied the pills that caused the death of the rapper Mac Miller was arrested Wednesday. He is being prosecuted for drug trafficking.

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Cameron James Pettit, age 28, is accused of having supplied the interpreter of Self Care , ex-boyfriend of pop star Ariana Grande, analgesic mixed with the fentanyl in the early morning of September 5, 2018, two days before his death.

Mac Miller, aka Malcolm James McCormick, was found unconscious at his home in Los Angeles and declared dead a few hours later. According to the autopsy report, the young man of 26 years has succumbed to a drug overdose after having ingested a cocktail of toxic chemicals, including fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol.

Pettit has been placed in detention without the possibility of release on bail by the court of Los Angeles. Contacted by Reuters, his lawyer has declined to comment. “We’ve seen too many dead tragic, said the lawyer of the Court Matthew Jacobs. People should know that they are playing Russian roulette by consuming opioids bought on the black market. It could be a pill risk-free or mixed with something that will kill them in no time.”

A second service provider

according To the police report, Pettit has delivered 10 pills blue Mac Miller in his recording studio shortly before 2: 30 a.m., at the same time as the Xanax and cocaine. The dealer is delayed, McCormick was contacted by a woman, just a regular rapper. They sent a prostitute and other drugs at his home.

The postmortem analysis concluded that the overdose had been induced by the pills containing fentanyl made by Pettit. The justice decided not to prosecute the two women. The entourage of Mac Miller did not wish to comment after the arrest.

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The rapper, a native of Pittsburgh, who became known during adolescence and caracolait top of the charts with his album Blue Side Park in 2011, spoke openly of his addiction to the drug in his interviews and his songs. Mac Miller was also a famous producer under the pseudonym Larry Fisherman. He was nominated posthumously for the Grammy Awards for his album Swimming , released a few months before his death.

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande, dated for two years before breaking up in may 2018. In his song Thank U, Next , the pop star speaks with tenderness of this relationship, mentioning her ex-boyfriend by their first name Malcolm.