On September 7, was extinguished one of the brightest stars of american rap. Mac Miller, born Malcolm James McCormick, died at his home in Los Angeles died of a drug overdose, just one month after the release of his fifth album, Swimming . The fans and the survivors will be able to smile again. Spotify has just unveiled two acoustic pieces of the rapper, recorded in new york studios of the platform three weeks before his death.

In an intimate atmosphere, Mac Miller delivers a streamlined version of Dunno , title track of his last disc as well as an interpretation of the very groovy Nothing from Nothing of the musician Billy Preston. Multi-instrumentalist gloss, the native of Pittsburgh returns to these two songs on the piano, for a result that demonstrates the breadth of his talent.

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The rapper often share images of him on the piano. In a promotional video from the manufacturer of Fender guitars, he reported he had learned in self-taught the instrument as well as the piano, the drums and the bass in his youth. “It is a complete trip to the bottom of either, because that would be too simple to just throw a beat over which to rap and call it an album”, he explained. I am compelled to reveal a part of myself with which I am not comfortable in each disk. I have seen virtuosos, able to speak with their instrument better than they are able to do in a conversation.”

*Listen to Dunno and Nothing from Nothing de Mac Miller: