In December 1990 came out Mom, I missed the plane , the story of Kevin McCallister, a boy whose family is on vacation at the other end of the world for the celebration of the end of the year, in the forgetting to the house. The world was excited then for that child, played by Macaulay Culkin, well decided to enjoy the solitude, until the thieves come and disturb its tranquility. Twenty-eight years later, the ex-child star reprises his role of Kevin McAllister. Not a sequel, nor a remake, but in an advertisement for Google.

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Macauley Culkin, now aged 38 years, has announced the release of this short film on Twitter. “Have you ever wondered what it would be like Kevin McCallister adult? Me neither. But if you’re curious, you should really look at this advertisement,” he wrote.

It has aged a bit, but fortunately the wizard Google the second effectively

In this short film, the actor plays the the most famous scenes of the film: it can be seen from the disappearance of his parents and decides to take advantage of the empty house, including watching tv, then, giving a good supper to base of coquillettes topped with a glass of milk. The problem is that it has aged a bit: jump on his bed, wakes his back pain…

Fortunately, Macauley Culkin is effectively assisted by the voice assistant Google. The latter reminds him that he has to buy the gel-after-shave -still a problem to an adult, it illuminates the house for 21 hours, and ultimately escape the burglars, who in front of this abundance of technology, believe the remains occupied. Whereas in the film of 1990, Kevin spends much of his time to develop strategies to make them go away! “Do-do-by-Google”, concludes the film.

An advertising is frankly successful and fun, that you appreciate or not the juggernaut american, and which lets you review an actor unfortunately most often publicized for its escapades of former child star for his film roles.