The Head of State arrived at around 5.45 p.m., nearly 1.45 a.m. behind schedule, at the Cherbourg Hospital Center with the new Minister of Health Brigitte Bourguignon, due to a European summit in Brussels dedicated to the support for Ukraine, which went into extra time.

In the corridors of the CHU, the Head of State was quickly arrested by several members of staff wishing to “sound the alarm” on the situation at the hospital.

In return, Mr. Macron announced the launch of a new “one-month mission on unscheduled care” before starting a round table with “all health actors” (emergency physicians, nurses, general practitioners, administration) “of access to urgent and unscheduled care”.

Mr. Macron also said he wanted to launch “from July” his major health conference with all the stakeholders. A method “closer to the field” that he also wishes to duplicate for his other project: education.

Night closings, “load shedding” on other hospitals, access filtered by the Samu: at least 120 emergency services have been forced to limit their activity or are preparing for it and all the lights are red.

In total, almost 20% of the approximately 620 establishments, public and private, hosting one or more emergency services are affected.

Additional sign of an unprecedented crisis, 14 of the 32 largest French hospitals (CHU and CHR) are on this list. In Cherbourg, unless there is a vital emergency, only a prior call to 15 can allow admission at certain times.

– revaluation without delay –

Throughout the territory, access to city care is also becoming increasingly difficult due to a lack of doctors and the saturation of nursing homes.

Despite the doubling of the “number of multi-professional health centers” since 2017 and “unprecedented investments”, after in particular the Ségur de la Santé, “deep difficulties today make these professions difficult and not attractive enough”, underlines the Elysium.

The executive therefore intends to emphasize a “recruitment and retention plan in all sectors” of health.

“There is an urgent need to act to ensure the continuity of care everywhere in the territories, no longer in a few years but in a few weeks”, alarmed the president of the national order of nurses Patrick Chamboredon.

For Frédéric Valletoux, president of the French Hospital Federation (FHF), revaluations must be decided without delay and the public hospital will no longer be able, in the future, to compensate for the weaknesses of the entire health system.

By reconnecting with these field trips, Emmanuel Macron breaks with a long parenthesis, since his re-investiture on May 7, during which he consulted a lot but spoke little on national subjects.

– “No state of grace” –

The Head of State intends to deny those who, even in his majority, are worried about a lack of breath at the start of the five-year term 12 days before the first round of the legislative elections.

“There is no state of grace, we knew that from the start,” conceded LREM deputy Xavier Iacovelli on Tuesday, considering it more difficult to embody the break with a second five-year term.

President Macron, who has also made school one of his priorities, will also take stock Thursday in Marseille with the new Minister of National Education Pap Ndiaye on the “school of the future” experiment launched in 59 establishments. from the city.

This experiment, initiated in September 2021 by the president in a “Marseille en grand” plan, aims to give more autonomy to educational teams for a “fairer and more inclusive” school system.

This project raises many questions, even firm opposition on the union ground, in particular the idea that school principals can “choose the teaching team”.

On this occasion, the Head of State will also mark his support for Pap Ndiaye, a renowned historian of minorities and the target of a barrage from the far right, who describes him as a “racialist and anti-cop activist”, since his surprise appointment. to the government.