Macron has called Turkey's actions in Libya a

Turkey to support the UN recognized the government of netsolace Libya (NTC), which leads to the African country a “dangerous game”, incompatible with the status of member NATO countries. A warning to Ankara was made by the French President Emmanuel macron.

According to the politician, the case involving the warships of France and Turkey near the Libyan coast is a demonstration of his sensational allegations that the Alliance “dead brain”.

“back to my statements the end of last year about the “death of the brain NATO.” In my opinion, the recent incident demonstrates this clearly,” stressed macron.

the Leader of France meant the refusal of the Turkish frigate to carry out the disposal of the French sailors on the inspection of the goods. The Turk then took a frigate of the French Navy on sight.

Original macron compared the NATO “patients, who died of the brain” due to the complete lack of coherence between the decisions of the US and its partners.

meanwhile, U.S. authorities believe the culprit being drawn Turkey into the conflict in Libya, Russia.

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