A visitor to the evening shows to be formal: “Emmanuel Macron wants to do to enter 14-18 at the Pantheon. After paying homage to Simone Veil in July, the head of the State wants to glorify another great figure of history, in the person of the writer Maurice Genevoix. “A strong gesture” will be announced Tuesday, confirming the Elysée palace. It will be a “panthéonisation around the figure of the author. The president will unveil the project at the occasion of his visit to the Éparges (Meuse), a town located about twenty kilometres from Verdun that he will visit in the framework of its “roaming” commemorating the centenary of the First world War. This trip will be the opportunity to salute the memory of the man of letters, was wounded in this place in 1915 after having suffered, as he has narrated, “the fall, the perpetual shell” and experienced the “persistence prodigious a racket”.

After a speech at the foot of the bust of the author, Emmanuel Macron will follow only the path of the soldiers to get on the crest of the hill. It will then go into the necropolis situated at the foot of the hill to celebrate the figure of Robert Porchon, companion-in-arms of the writer, killed in action, and which Maurice Genevoix has immortalized the memory in his book Those 14 .

Macron has discovered Genevoix “thanks to his grandmother,”

Emmanuel Macron is not the first president to consider a tribute of this magnitude, for the author, who died in 1980: many of his predecessors have thought about it before him. “This idea has been brought up very high under the impulse of the daughter of Maurice Genevoix and his son-in-law (the economist Bernard Maris killed in the attack on Charlie Hebdo, ED.) But it has not prospered”, is a regular visitor to the Elysée palace. He adds: “Unlike the others, the current president is a great reader of Maurice Genevoix”. The writer is in fact part of the “favorite authors” of the head of State, who has “discovered when he was young thanks to her grandmother”.

A question has yet fraught Emmanuel Macron and his team: the author is sufficiently well-known today? “It is in an off-peak period of his fame,” admits one adviser elysian, who had asked about the “meaning of a panthéonisation as such, while it is not the most known or celebrated”.

Emmanuel and Bridget Macron have long visited the crypt of the Pantheon Monday

suddenly, the Government is considering resorting to its traditional “at the same time”: “associate” Maurice Genevoix in the Pantheon, “without limiting himself to himself” and not necessarily to enter his body. A reflection is ongoing on the other personalities likely to accompany the writer. According to our information, Emmanuel Macron was first considered to enter Georges Clemenceau in the Pantheon, but he finally had to abandon this project for reasons a testamentary disposition, own to the Father the victory.

A stele that exists since 1927 in this temple republican in honor of the “writers who died for France”. Chance or coincidence, Emmanuel and Bridget Macron have long visited the crypt of the monument, last Monday, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the exhibition on the Clemenceau, which is being held on the montagne Sainte-Geneviève.

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