They call them “Jean-Baptiste” and “Mado”. Them, the first couple famous boards: Poquelin, says Molière, and his mistress, Madeleine Béjart. They met in twenty years. In Mademoiselle Molière , they have a little over forty. On stage, at the Théâtre Rive Gauche, Christophe de Mareuil plays the great playwright and Anne Bouvier of the great comedian. A role rewarded at the 31st Nuit des Molières, Monday evening, by the Molière of the best actress in the circuit private.

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We watch their love scenes. The Théâtre du Palais Royal, salon of the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, where the troupe is invited to cheer one of the great feasts of Nicolas Fouquet, that is important. In the early 1660s, the author is finally recognized by the nobility, spotted by Louis XIV himself. After the success of School for husbands , the playwright wrote another play in three acts, Unfortunate , that he shall play before the King.

The wind of success, gives him wings. Up to adopt a stage name, Molière, and ogle to a woman much younger: Armande, the daughter of Madeleine, twenty years his junior. Street of Gaiety, “Mademoiselle Moliere” is represented by a simple model in costume, on which we are crying, we apitoie, it is ébaudit. The announcement of the betrothal, the pretty mask of Madeleine, who has supported her lover, begins to break down.

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The text of Gérard Savoisien and the staging of Arnaud Denis show very little. The big Story, as everyone knows, is overshadowed by the small, simple, and universal. A love triangle as there are dozens in Molière. With a lot of humility, Christophe de Mareuil embodies the giant Molière in petit-bourgeois of all days: weak, lustful, and jealous. Nothing very new for the playwright, who discovers the character of the passions that he monkey with so much spirit in his pieces. Anne Bouvier, first bitter and cynical, embodies the heroine with great nobility, refusing to take his daughter as a rival.

The room is well-conversed, trying to trace an old French tasty. Quite funny in its first movement, it is gently tragic. In a final table, Molière, bathed the warm light of an Italian-style theatre, receives the praises of the court. Only behind the scenes, Madeleine Béjart, barely lit by a flash of cold, and crying hot tears. We had almost forgotten their name.

Mademoiselle Molière at the Theatre Rive Gauche 6 Rue de la Gaité (Xiv).
From Tuesday to Saturday at 19h, on Sunday at 17: 30. Until 25 may.
Duration: 1: 20. Seats: 17 to 35 euros.