Real figure of the French heritage, the singer known by the public since his 14-year-old is continuing his musical career. Muse fashion, actress, Vanessa Paradis has always been on all terrains. Silhouette and voice mutine, of childhood. His voice is unchanged or almost and assumed fully from his collaboration with Matthieu Chedid for the album Divinidylle .

Its strength is that it has also always surrounded himself with great composers and lyricists for fruitful collaborations: Benjamin Biolay, Mathieu Boogaerts, Brigitte Fontaine, Alain Chamfort… This time, the album is written in collaboration with his companion, the playwright, writer, and director Samuel Benchetrit, writer and musician Fabio Viscogliosi, in particular for the title in Italian Mio Cuore and the singer of BB Brunes, Adrien Gallo.

The three authors and the singer came together to create an album full of love and lightness. In the middle of these walks sometimes a little doucereuses, the title Kiev , second song of the album is more melancholic. According to him, the securities are gaining in unity and in brightness.

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A voice that is timeless

At the center of the twelve titles is These words , little gem, soft and intimate, a true declaration of love in good and due form. Later, You will remember in the mood of bossa with strings lets us glimpse the possibilities of the vocal of the singer to another style. Ditto with the more jazzy That is to say. In Sources , nature is omnipresent in the form of interventions, sound discrete as in the wind blows or even about the title as in The Beach . With an orchestration worked very well felt, Sources is tricky, mostly well-written and rather equal end-to-end.

Its strength: voice of timeless by Vanessa Paradis. This is surely not the best singer, but he adds a stone to the edifice (pop) Vanessa Paradis. A good way to get the news of the singer who has accompanied a whole generation of French. On stage, she has the habit of delighting his audience of his well-known titles such as Divine Idylle , Tandem , La Seine but also the inevitable Joe le Taxi that will satisfy a public already conquered.

Vanessa paradis at the Olympia , the 22, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30 June and 1 July. 28, bd des Capucines (IXe).
Tel .: 0 892 68 33 68.
Seating: from 40 to 80 €.