Madonna told about unpaid fines for support of LGBT people at the concert in Russia

a Large fine for “propaganda of homosexuality” written by American singer Madonna after a concert in St. Petersburg in 2012 (as at this time was adopted the law on “prohibition of propaganda”).

the Star boasted on Twitter that still has not paid a fine in the amount of one million dollars, but experts RBC doubted that he was so impressive.

Madonna recalled that her speech was devoted to the support of the group Pussy Riot and the LGBT community, and she pre-warned her about the organizers of the concert.

“I gave this speech during a concert in St. Petersburg eight years ago. The government fined me $1 million for the support of the gay community. I never paid them,” she wrote.

the Singer called himself a “freedom fighter” and promised to return to St. Petersburg again to support the gay community, “to give strength and inspiration to anyone who feels depressed”.

Recall that in 2012, Madonna spoke about the inadmissibility of using religion for the purposes of discrimination. The maximum amount of the fine for violation of the law on the promotion of homosexuality to private persons is 5 thousand.

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