The last caprice of Madonna is not charmed in Portugal. Since the summer of 2017, the diva has put his bags in Lisbon to allow his son David, then aged 11, to join the academy of the football club of Benfica. The american star also has a home in Sintra, a resort town known for its sumptuous palaces. It is installed in a house in the 19th century is estimated at 7.5 million euros.

It would seem, however, that her romance with the country is nearing its end, for a reason that is quite unusual. As she tossed the clip of its title, Indian Summer , the pop diva has asked for permission to enter a horse in the Quinta Nova de Assunção, a historical palace of the Nineteenth century, located in Belas, in the municipality of Sintra.

A request denied categorically by the mayor of the metropolitan city. “There are things that can’t be bought,” writes Basílio Horta in the columns of the weekly Portuguese Espresso . “In any case, don’t let a horse enter in the palace. It makes no sense! Madonna is an artist, but the palace belongs to all the world, and must not be damaged”, he estimated.

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According to him, the use of a horse in the palace could be dangerous, as well for Madonna for the building. “The wooden floor could be damaged”, he added.

One end of non-receivable to be ineligible for the singer who then tried to put pressure on the authorities, even going so far as to try to contact the Portuguese Prime minister, António Costa. In a message intercepted by the Correio da Manhã , a daily Portuguese, the agent of the singer has informed via this answer: “Sorry, my queen. I do my best. I called many people and sent several messages. Unfortunately, the man who may decide is not available, but it will be at a given time.”

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“I have given so much to this country and when I ask a simple favor, the response I get is negative”


“Tomorrow will be too late. Forget it. I have given so much to this country and when I ask a simple favor in order to show Portugal to the world, the response I get is negative”, would have met Madonna before you blame his agent for his installation in Lisbon. Before concluding, obviously very irritated vis-à-vis its agent: “It’s your fault. It is you who I have convinced to come live here.”