to Him, the film’s director, David Mambouch, is the son of Maguy Marin. Is this collusion? The documentary illuminates a tone of confidence and intimacy, which makes it extremely endearing. Mambouch was in the womb of his mother when she created May B in 1981. It has replaced a dancer, thirty-five years after, in one of the tours of the company. This piece, in the centre of the career of Maguy Marin, becomes the leitmotif of the documentary where the son paints a portrait of the mother, in the course of his biography and his own story to him.

“May B” becomes the leitmotif of the documentary where the son paints a portrait of the mother, in the course of his biography and his own story to him.

Mambouch does not as a figurative artist. He puts his images in the stamping haggard, the faces covered with clay, the eyes highlighted in red, looks treble seized in profiles of birds, confident in the art of the loop where each repetition deeper the nail of a life which was riveted to “the urgency to act”.

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On the bench like the fish

“Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better,” wrote Beckett. It is there, lurking, and repeats, that inspires and corrects. Maguy he had written to the Editions of Midnight, for the right to create May B yet at this time until march 12, at the espace Pierre Cardin (Viii). He had received it briefly. Her beauty had hit her. This could be love, ” explains the choreographer. It takes the word between frames, sunglasses screwed on the nose in a face, rather round man, with a hint of accent. It could belong to the family Deschiens. She confesses an obsession to welcome our condition as men, who move in bench such as fish, in the dark, with movements that are humble or cattle, and of the body struck by various misfortunes, the opposite of those, they are beautiful and inhuman, of the dancers.

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Maguy has long called Marguerite. And the Marine says “marine”, in Spanish. His father was andalusian, his mother in madrid. They have gone through with their daughters the Pyrenees in the snow at the time of franco’s regime. As a teenager, Maguy has only one idea in mind: to escape her father, a domineering. She becomes a dancer at BĂ©jart. We learn later that the father has inspired Maguy fear of men. But she did pass “the class struggle before the struggle of gender”. What can we do to fight this battle with the dance for only one weapon?

The director captures the enormous sincerity and radicalism of his mother. Maguy Marin does not recede. It is a scandal to Avignon, built of parts such as blades which denounce the excesses of capitalism. The spectators come on stage, hark back to the ballet. It breaks a thumb to put it out. The Theatre of the City, the people leave by the dozens. She continues. In Rillieux-la-Pape, where he built a choreographic centre in suburbs difficult, the population revolts against this money “wasted” when we miss so much. The comfort has become the obsession of men. Maguy rattle yet. This is the other of man. She knows from May B . The paradox of the choreographer is not to deprive yourself but to come light. It is touched.

Maguy Marin: the urgency to act, documentary of David Mambouch. With the dancers of Maguy Marin. Duration: 1: 48.