On the website change.org a petition with a demand to recognize the unsatisfactory work of FGUP “Mail of Russia” in the period of the pandemic and to dismiss the head of the organization Maxim Akimov.

the author of the petition indicates that since March almost all received “Mail of Russia” international shipment from individuals in other States was not delivered to the destination. The last entry in tracking cargo was “Goods prepared for shipment from Russia.” Then the parcels were no longer tracked.

“Mail of Russia” does not comment on the situation, on all claims of people give the answer about “temporary difficulties”. The author of the petition is also required to conduct an investigation to bring to justice all persons responsible for the delay of mail and to give all affected mail clients “full and adequate information about the location of their shipment and delivery terms”.

Recall, this is not the first petition on this issue. Informed citizens have asked the Ministry to dismiss the leadership of “Mail of Russia”, indicating that the institution is unable to cope with their responsibilities.

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