“I do not want people to call me Maître Gims”. After the successful appeal of his previous album, black Belt , which has placed in the top three of record sales in the past year, Maître Gims announced yesterday want to separate a part of his stage name.

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written words on a black background, and published on his page Instagram. “GIMS is more than enough… thank you” he communicated simply. The singer and rapper has not given further explanations about his need to change his identity. However, the now “Gims” accompanied her message of a second image, equally simplistic, the first teaser of his next album, black Belt part 2 , whose sub-title will be Transcendence .

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on the strength of its 612.000 discs sold in 2018, Gims had also seen its title, even , the product of a collaboration with the singer of variety Vianney, placing himself at the head of the most streamed of the year. Of accomplishments that have strengthened the expectations regarding their future productions. So coup or willingness to turn the page, change the name of the former member of the group Sexion assault has reacted to the canvas who took the news with humor.

It is not the only one

Change the name of scene is quite common in the music industry, both in France and abroad. After his first solo album in 2004, a certain Matt Pokora was forced to shorten his stage name “M. Pokora” after the artist Matt Houston he brings a lawsuit, considering the possible confusion. Between 2008 and 2009, Pascal Obispo, who decides to change their name, to borrow, somewhat mystical, “Captain Samurai Flower”. The meaning more or less hidden pseudonym was to showcase the fighting ecological sustained in his album, Welcome to the Magic World of the Captain Samouraï Flower , released at the same time. He finally returned to his stage-name original.

on the side of The United States, after “Puff Daddy”, “P. Diddy,” and even “Swag” in a week’s time, the rapper and producer Sean Combs has decided in 2017 to appear on the stage under the name of “Love aka Brother Love”. A reference to Prince, who, to escape his contract with Warner Bros, had traded his name for a symbol is hard to pronounce, “O(+>”, quickly called the “love symbol” (symbol of love, ED ). The interpreter of Purple Rain was also amused to play to his fans by adopting various names weird in the credits of his own albums.

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no one can predict if “Gims” will retain this name for the rest of his career or if he will opt again for another pseudonym. On the other hand, his next album, Transcendence has everything to gain from this nice shot of promotion by its output into the bins. Case to follow, so.