“Let the time do his work…”. That was good enough to say, Maître Gims? The singer has released the enigmatic sentence on Instagram on Friday, with a shot where you can see the portrait of the translator of being Undermined as never next to that of Michael Jackson. A comparison wobbly with the “King of pop”, have found many users, not hesitating to take on the rapper in the comment section.

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“Michael is a legend, and you’re far from having its level”, the crops to a user. “Molo, you compare it to the king of pop,” stop!”, he advises another. “Gims, tu te lances a career as a comedian?”, calls a third, believing it to be a joke. “Proud, why do you bloat as well?” asks a user of the social network, while many others note “the watermelon” or “melon” of Gandhi Djuna aka Maître Gims.

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“It does not compare to Michael Jackson to the contrary. Gims shows that his work pays and that he has the chance to see his picture alongside that of a global icon and is a timeless song,” remarks a visitor, taking the defense of the singer. “Master Gims does not compare to Michael Jackson, he means just that he will follow in his footsteps!!! Neither more nor months!!! MJ is a model for a large number of singers,” says another.

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Let the time do his work…

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Released last march, his third album black Belt , has sold more than 500,000 copies in France, receiving the certification of diamond. In this disc, the former member of Sexion Assault is moving away from its roots in rap to try to variety just by linking up collaborations with singer of the moment as Sofiane, Orelsan, Vianney and his brother Dadju. Gandhi Djuna is also close to international artists, the time of two “guest appearances” with Lil Wayne, and then Sting and Shaggy in their collaborative album.

● Listen Gotta “Get Back My Baby” written by Sting and Shaggy, with Master Gims: