Major-General the LDF has presented evidence of the Turkish intervention in the Libyan crisis

Major General of the Libyan national army (LNA) Ahmed Mismari was made at a press conference during which he provided evidence of the intervention of the Turkish authorities in the Libyan crisis. The speaker of the LNA showed a video footage of Turkish armored personnel carrier Kirpi captured by the Libyan army. In the video you can see how the car was loaded at the port “Izmir” (Turkey) and unloaded in the port of Tripoli. As underlined by the Agency “New day”, this suggests that Turkey violated a UN arms embargo. In addition, was provided with videos of training terrorists of the so-called national consensus Government (NTC), led by Turkish officers. In the frame appeared and Syrian mercenaries. Mismari claims that now in Libya there are fifteen thousand Turkish troops and soldiers of the Turkish PMCs SADAT. While the military continue to reside in Libya after passing special training. It is also reported that the number of Syrian mercenaries, which brings Ankara to Tripoli, exceeded 17 thousand people. The speaker of the LNA showed the corresponding video. Mismari said today that the NTC has used RZSO “in the eyes of the world” is shelling the city of al-Asabia. Thus, he said, the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan violates international agreements on Libya inter-Libyan and exacerbates the situation. Moreover, said Mismari, the Turkish leader is blackmailing the European countries, threatening to make the immigration crisis by loosening controls at the borders of Turkey. Mismari expressed the hope that the EU, the UN, the Arab League, the AU will react to the evidence provided today. “We are fighting for the sake of stability, security and against the Turkish invasion,” concluded Mismari.

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