Makarevich spoke about his Jewish wedding

a Famous Russian musician Andrei Makarevich told about the wedding with a fourth wife, which was Einat Klein.

With a girl the singer met in Addis Ababa during the trip. The wedding took place in late 2019 at Jaffa according to Jewish tradition, the couple held the ceremony Huppah.

According to Makarevich, was “a wonderful teacher who explained everything”. The singer explained that the wedding did as wanted bride. “She really wanted to be beautiful and it was in Hebrew, almost everything was organized, I was not involved,” admitted Makarevich in an interview with “Jewish journal”.

He also added that at the wedding were invited only the closest Moscow and Israeli friends — only 40 people.

Note that Makarevich was married three times. First wife — Elena Glazova (Fesunenko), second wife of the leader of group “the time Machine” was Alla Golubkina, and the third — Natalia Dove.

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