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Man Intends Suggestion on haunted hillside, falls Prey to local folklore

Apparently, the place is haunted by most mischievous things that perform cruel jokes on travellers

Ghosts seemingly hate love .

A man hoping to suggest to his girlfriend might have chosen the wrong place for its romantic gesture. Apparently, the soon-to-be-engaged individual chose a hillside that is proven to be haunted by mischievous entities.

It turns out, that might have been a terrible idea.

These supernatural things are known for playing jokes and tricks on travellers. Following the events of this proposition, it is likely that Goddard was among the victims.

He advised SWNS he put the ring at precisely the identical pocket because his wallet and intended on hiking to the summit and then suggesting through a picnic with his girlfriend.

“Normally I am the kind of man patting my pockets all of the time but I did not need to if it was really evident,” he told the news outlet. “After we got to the top I moved to find the ring and published my wallet was there but the ring was not. Then I realized there was a gap in the pocket significance at some stage on the walk that the ring could have dropped out’

He continued,”Isobel found me looking quite panicked and asked me had I dropped my wallet, but I needed to come clean. She was clearly upset but I believe she had been sadder for me and she offered to drive us home since I had been in a little bit of state”

Goddard clarified that the ring was at a glowing blue box and he had been hoping that someone might find it and return . After requesting several hikers they found along the road back to their vehicle, Goddard finally decided to try searching online.

“I decided once I made 4G to try out the regional Facebook pages and someone had really found it and posted it on their usual webpage,” he explained. “Someone from the group place us in contact with one another and it was she just lived in Washington that is down the street out of us about 15 minutes off.

Luckily, Goddard was finally able to pull off that which he called a suitable proposal and Isobel allegedly said yes.

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