The judgment also imposes a ban on contact for Patrick K. with the journalist for five years, as well as a citizenship course and the payment of 10,000 euros in damages for non-pecuniary damage.

Absent at the September 28 hearing and not represented by a lawyer, this computer engineer of Cameroonian origin presenting himself as a “writer”, had written, in November 2021, an email followed by several messages on the private line of the journalist from CNews by threatening her with the “media scaffold”. “The ax will inevitably fall on your well-made head,” he threatened.

Earlier, in 2020, he had posted an “open letter” on social networks where he vehemently attacked the journalist, calling her in particular “alienated potiche”, “white negress”, “gourd” and “pitcher”.

The court went beyond the requisitions of the prosecutor who, speaking of “virulent, insulting, denigrating and humiliating” messages, had requested a one-year suspended sentence and a 1,000 euro fine.

“This is a real message for all those who harass online, with the aggravating circumstance of threats”, welcomed Wednesday one of Christine Kelly’s advisers, Me Arash Derambarsh. “You cannot drape yourself behind an artistic or humorous form to undermine the integrity of a woman, who is moreover a journalist”.

“It is an exemplary sentence and a strong message for all women victims of violence and harassment,” said Besma Maghrebi, also a civil party lawyer.

Present for the judgment on Wednesday, the CNews journalist indicated that she wanted to pay the 10,000 euros in damages to her association dedicated to single-parent families “K d’urgences”.

The defendant has ten days to appeal.