What a magic show is inspired by a painting of Malevich would have had we put a flea in the ear. [Pierric] (his name is on the poster) is crazy. A true madman, a devil mounted on a spring, which wants to get out of its box. He is locked in a room all white. Surrounded by doors that won’t open. He wears no shirt but an impeccable three-piece suit.

” Reserve your tickets for A man framed on a white background on Ticketac

The inmate does not help in driving the handles (of doors). That become canes. And then strings. And then switches. A gas psyche must blow into this white box. Our man goes out of control. It is packed full of tics. His hands, his feet, his nose move.

unless it be his clothes. Or this wonderland, which has its head (where is the vial “Drink me”?). Go figure. Does not mean that it is very good. In what area? The “visual magic,” he says. The mime, the elegance, the madness, we will add. It also has the rhythm in the skin: his escape poetic file in a flash.

He was champion of France of magic from the age of 16 and a world champion in 2015, we learn by the result. On stage, it is a synthesis between Fred Astair and Jacques Tati, Mr Bean and the Pink Panther. Remember his name: Pierric Tenthorey.

Théâtre Tristan-Bernard 64, rue du Rocher (Viii).
Tel.: 01 45 22 08 40. Hours: 21 h in week, 18 h the sun.
Seating: of 11 to 31 €. Duration: 1: 05 pm. Until 31 August.BOOK >